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Oreo update

Hi I have Nokia 3 and still on nougat 7.1 I just spoke to Nokia support on chat who said to try taking out my simcard and clearing the cache from Google play services, anyone else tried this? Thanks in advance

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Which country &model no. TA....
TA-1020 UK

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All models of UK TA-1020 are not getted Contact customer support

Tried removing the SIM, it doesn't work. HMD need to start providing the images so they can be flashed manually.

I tried removing simcard and clearing Google play services and it didn't work for me either , some people say remove simcard and factory reset others say change VPN to Finland , I don't want to be messing with my phone just to get update to Oreo , I think this is quite bad really , might just get rid of the handset for something else!
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