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Nokia 8 ARCore support?

Hello, will Nokia 8 get ARCore support as 6.1, 7 Plus and 8 Sirroco? It is flagship device after all.

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I hope they will get our Nokia 8 certified for ARCore as soon as possible. It's strange that in the event held in Moscow they didn't mention it, when in any case there was a dedicated parenthesis for the Pro camera.

hmd would have no excuse in case they forget this device. It has the same hardware as Sirocco and much performing than the Nokia 6.1 and 7 Plus. They could say that the photographic compartment of the Nokia 8 isn't adequate, but they cannot, having the same sensors as the LG G6 that has been supporting ARCore for some time.

Paradoxically, if ARCore uses the double sensor to create a better map of the environment, Nokia 8 would be better than Sirocco, having two identical sensors, even in the lenses. It has a laser rangefinder too, which would help a lot.

I'm interested in this technology too and I wish it would not be several months as for Pro Camera. I hope that hmd confirm as soon as possible that they are working on the certification and that this is released in a short time.

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Juho Sarvikas announced on Twitter that the ARCore supporto for Nokia 8 is coming soon. Yeah Sorry for the double post.

Awesome, thanks for the info cri347, glad we're not left in the dark on this matter.

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