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Screen gone dead. Aint coming alive again.

It really sucks when you buy something for someone and it turns out to be one defective piece of crap. The global team was ready to initiate a refund until they realized I belonged to the Indian region and guided me towards the path of endless email trails. The Indian guy keeps on using the ctrl+c and ctrl+v buttons of his keyboard wanting me to take trips to service centers. I just want to know why should I take the pain of dragging my sorry (_;;_) to the service centers. (Note:- The phone's screen went dead on its own. If this turns out to be false I will stop bugging the company and think that I donated the money to a charity.) Also, who wants a brand new repaired phone. Gosh someone help. I am looking for a refund or an exchange. An exchange would be a secondary option because I don't want to keep contacts with this company in any way.

NB:- the phone responds to my finger touch and charger but the screen remains dead.

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