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When X6 is coming in Indian market ?

 As i am a die hard fan  of Nokia phones. So i am a bit disappointed that company is not taking Indian market for serious. Even when there is a race going on between various smartphone companies. I want to see Nokia as a part of this race very soon. I was planning to buy Redmi Note 5 Pro. But i am waiting from the day i heard about first rumor about X6

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Same Here.I have already started some topics about this phone.

but nothing is obtained from them.

We does not ask for much but they could at least release the launch date of Nokia x6.

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same here....i think nokia should concentrate on indian market for their profit as well. bcz indians are fan of nokia

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Same is the case in Pakistan Market!!! But one thing is clear. These two Markets are getting at the earliest!!! Hope So.


Thread is merged with this one >here< due to same topic. Please don't open up any new topics concerning launch date of the Nokia X6, there are already a lot of them and I want to keep the forum clean. Thank you