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Bluetooth connection issues ? Passcodes ??

Hi wonder if anyone can help here. My old dad needed a new phone as his very old Nokia wouldn’t connect properly to his new car so I got him to get a 3310. However when he tries to connect with his car it asks for a passcode for the car ?? No other phone does as I’ve tested it with iPhone, Android etc when you try with those a code just comes up on the car screen and phone when you initiate pairing and you have to confirm they are the same. But not the 3310 it asks for a passcode for the car - the car doesn’t have one !! And if you try the old 1111 etc on the no,ia it just says the other device is no longer responding. Really at a loss here other than to take the phone back and get a different model. I vaguely re,ember passcodes from many years ago when I had a Nokia but thought those days were gone. Thought they might have simplified it.... Can anyone please help before I tell him to get another phone ?? Thanks
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