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data transfer rate display in notification bar

I am used to have the ability to see the data transfer rate in the notification bar, for wireless and for mobile data. Many phones have that switchable option, and many don't have it. I am missing it... Anyone here agrees ?

Not sure how useful that would be, all you really need to know is if you have a connection or not and how much data you have left.

Well I do find it useful, as an option.

Would use too much battery thus useless in my opinion. Do you remember the time when Google removed the up and down triangles inside wifi reception symbol? The triangles showed up and download transfers, but have been removed due to impact on battery life.

Oh I had no idea it had such an impact on battery life !! Thanks for clarifying.

Anyhow, if you think you still need it, feel free to install an app for this purpose. There are plenty of them at Play store.

Yes doing it right now!!

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