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Camera app and Bluetooth issues

I have two major issues with my Nokia 6.1. First, the camera app is basically unusable. It usually freezes upon opening or has a tremendous amount of shutter lag, meaning that I have missed many moments I would have liked a photo of. Any third party camera apps have also been crashing or freezing. 

Secondly, the bluetooth performance is completely unacceptable. The phone will not connect to both my smartwatch and my car audio. My LG G5 had no problem auto connecting to both at the same time. The 6.1 most of the time will not auto connect to either of them. If I get the car connected it will disconnect my watch and vice/versa. Most of the time I have to manually connect either of them to even get one connection. Again, these connections worked flawlessly on my G5 on Android 7. 

I have to say I am very disappointed with my purchase of this phone. I have never had such problems with basic functionality on any phones from other manufacturers in the past. I really hope Nokia will address these issues in the next update. 

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