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Problem with screen when charging

Today I discovered that my Nokia 8 have problems when charging. The gestures used for displaying the notification center and the app drawer doesn't work. Basically I draw one finger downwards from the upper part of the screen but the notification center doesn't follow. Instead the some of the apps in the top desktop row opens. Same thing happens when trying to open the app drawer but instead the apps in the bottom desktop row opens. I'm wondering if anyone else have similar problems when charging the Nokia 8? It could be related to my screen protector (Panzer Glass) but I don't want to detach it since it will break apart.

Video displaying the issue:

Tech Wizard

It's most likely the screen protector, along with the electric noise from the wall charger. You can try another charger or connect to a PC instead and see if that changes anything, or let the phone charge before using.

I can't replicate the issue and use the phone without screen protector.


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