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Push notifications not waking up the phone from sleep mode

As in the topic.

Push notifications not waking up the phone from sleep mode.

- battery optimazation is off

- unrestricted data usage on

- notification for apps set to urgent

- black list and background activity manager are off

- same thing happens in Safe Mode

How to check?

Leave your phone for about 15 minutes and send yourself a messege from other device to app that should notify you with push notification.

It will not wake the phone up ale it eventually it will with massive delay.

Try to switch ON background activity manager and blacklist at least one app.



It looks like I solved my problem by reading about push notifications here:


It got me thinking that GCM service in my Nokia 7 plus is not properly connecting with Google’s servers. So I looked around how to hard reset my device using this tutorial:



select Wipe data/factory reset.

After restart configure your phone as a NEW DEVICE. Push notifications seem to work as they should. They are waking the device from sleep mode immediately.

This method will most likely work for all Android devices.

Sorry, I thought I fixed it because it was working after hard reset but it stopped and same thing happens again.

Phone goes to sleep mode and notifications are not comming through.

It's doze. It's just to aggresive and there's no way to make turn ot off.

This is wrong. If it will be the same in Android P i'm done with Android One and I have strange feeling that Android P will be even more fixated on battery saving.

Did you try the suggestion?
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