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Issues with wi fi.

I' m italian man and i have a enormous problem with wi fi connection of my Nokia 6.1.The internet connection is very slow and low.I have updated the phone to the last patches software of May 2018.I read in the forum that the last patches of May contains a bug and that a fix software should arrived within three days twenty days ago.What did you me suggest to do?Please answer me sono,thanks a lot.

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I have written yesterday about a great issue with connection wi fi with my Nokia 6.1 andai haven’t an answer by the support.Today i ha e update the smartphone top the patches software of June 2018 but the problem with wi fi connection remain the connection si very slow for example Twitter app is unusable but too Twitter by browser chrime is unusable and the Amazon app is unusable.Internet connection is usable only in the rooom of router Henrique i’ m attachment tuo the router.I’ m italian consumer and i’ m very angry for the support of Nokia, i world contact the support by phone but i didn’ find and contact of telephone.Plesase answer me i did how to do if you’re Not answere to me i’m for edito return the phone beccasse the smartphone with out internet is unusable.
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