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Android Message "Messages for web" not avaliable :(

Android Messages version 3.3.044 is offical enable feature Messsages for web on android.

But it not avaliable on Menu :(

Please help!

Are you already on version 3.3.044?

 Hi AlexKey,

I'm always update app from Google Play

Version: 3.3.044 (



Strange. Exactly this app version shows "Messages Web" in 3-dots-menu on my Nokia 8 in Germany. Maybe Google did not enable this new feature in your country and you need to a wait another couple of days...


"Messages for web" menu visiable on other phone (LG G6 - stock room)

Messsages app download from Google Play

I'm from Vietnam

Sounds like you will see "Messages for web" very soon on your Nokia device!

 =)) I waited 5 days for it

Maybe, Messages remote config forgot my Nokia device

funny story i had "Messages for web " on my 7+(TA-1046 India)  before.. but i had to do a factory reset yesterday cuz I messed something up XD.. and now i don't have that option.. reinstalled messages still no luck

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