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Face Unlock Missing!

Hi, i bought my nokia 7 plus a few days back and i am currently on android 8.1 oreo with june security patch but the face unlock feature seems to be missing on device. Please help me fix this problem.

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Hi if you go into settings and security and location select smart lock you can set it from there :)

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You may set there but you cannot utilise unlocking your phone. I am not able to. Please guide.

if u r asking about the same face unlock as china variant.. then sorry to disappoint u but that face unlock is still not available for our global variant..u can use trasted face for face unlock.. 

goto settings -> security and location -> smart lock -> trusted face

do note that it will not take u to home screen after recognizing ur face.. u need to swipe up from the lock screen after u see the lock icon get unlocked.. 

@user1525880376576 if this was ur problem.. try swiping up when u see the lock icon changed at the bottom middle of the lockscreen

hmd confirmed that the face unlock will be received through ota

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