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The TA-1062(Build start with 00WW) user not getting June update yet

Hello Nokia, 
As a well-known company why you differ in two variants. When TA-1046 users getting June update but TA-1062 users not getting the update yet. Always TA-1062(Build start with 00WW) users getting update late. Why?
Today is 24 June but we are not getting the security patch update yet. 

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Same on my TA-1062.

Do you also have google play store showing the device as uncertified? (it is under settings, at the bottom). Mine was showing as certified until I got the may update, after may update it shows as uncertified.

My Nokia 7 plus Ta 1062 also showing uncertified in Google Play Store. I did not get June update. Is there any chance to get an update of my device in future.
that means we won't any update in future 

few day ago 

getting June update


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Same problem here.

Same problem here. Today is 2018-07-02. I have 2018-05-01 update.

I know this thread has gotten a little old. But I have to ask something. I have gotten a Nokia ta-1062 but it's not getting updates after may update anymore . Still stuck there . Are you guys still stuck in may update too?


That means we will never get any future update from Nokia?? :(
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