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Much overheating when use the Camera Pro outdoor (in the sunshine)

When i take some pic outdoor , My Nokia 8 became quite hot and battery drain so fast.

I don't think take several pic can consumer lot CPU like that. 

Camera Pro also produce terrible picture than orginal cam. Please improve it or bring orginal cam back. I don't need pro if it make the poor quality.

Please fix Camera firmware.

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Tech Wizard

On a hot day in the sun, the phone is already 40C or more before using it for anything, and it becomes uncomfortable to hold when above 45C.
That does not leave much to dissipate the heat from the electronics.

Let it cool down in the shade or in the pocket, there is no other option.

(Lithium batteries lose capacity when outside their 20-35C comfort range).

The camera app is power hungry itself, and the auto-sync of pictures and videos in Google Photos also consume a lot. - It helps to minimize the heat build-up if I turn off Google Photos sync over mobile data, when I need to take lots of pictures on a hot day.

I agree the pro camera app need fixing, desperately, but to be fair the old app also consumed a lot of power.


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