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Unstable Camera

I have been experiencing autofocus issues with the 6.1, the picture comes out very blurry. Please advise on how to improve the camera app. Thanks.

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سلام دوربین خیلی توی تاریکی بد عکس میگیرد و نرم افزار دوربین کند میباشد لطفا ان را درست کنید
You can always use touch focus.
But the camera app very late and have somany bugs
Whenever I am trying to take photo, first time I am not able to take photo. Once I am closing and restart the camera, then I am able to take photo. Pls help me to solve the above problem

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Experiencing the same problem. Nokia please sort this out. I'm actually sampling the 6.1 so that I can eventually buy the 10 when it's released.
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