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Wallpapers and ringtones - not all phones are equal

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Hi everyone,

Recently I noticed that not all of the HMD/Nokia phones have the same set of wallpapers and ringtones. I know that different phones with different resolutions ideally should have different resolution wallpapers, but it's a shame that not all are available for all HMD phones.

E.g. AFAIK, there is only one wallpaper for the Nokia 1, but it is only available for the Nokia 1. Why can't the 1 have the other wallpapers, and the other phones have the wallpaper from the 1?

I even found that not all phones of the same model have the same wallpapers! E.g. the Nokia 8.

The same for ringtones and alarm and notification sounds. I noticed that recent phones get many more Nokia specific options, whereas the older phones didn't get so many.

Really, this is not such a big issue, but it would be great if HMD could include the new wallpapers and sounds in the monthly updates.

Cheers :)

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I agree with you! 

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So I collected all of the wallpapers I could find from HMD phones and used Muzei to create a rotating/live wallpaper. I would like it if HMD could provide an option for this in the Wallpaper app using the catalogue of wallpapers from HMD phones, instead of the available live/rotating wallpapers all being Google ones.

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