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We need a "Customer Service" section

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Hi HMD/Nokia community team,

I've noticed that a lot of people are finding the customer service (chat and phone support, mainly) very disappointing. We have sections on the forum for different models of phone, why not add a section on customer service so that we can exchange our views about the service in different countries? This could help HMD learn where they can improve customer service most.

Cheers :)


Hi  madbilly, 

Thanks for the input (I saw your other threads as well). Sounds like a good idea. We’re working on a quite new update/solution for the forum. I don’t know if it makes sense to create this section immediately but I will consider it as soon as the new update is here or create it when I hear the update won't happen as soon as I want it to happen :) 

Best regards, 


Community Hero

Hi Laura,

I hope that the update happens as you want it to happen then!

Cheers :)

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