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We need a "Customer Service" section

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Hi HMD/Nokia community team,

I've noticed that a lot of people are finding the customer service (chat and phone support, mainly) very disappointing. We have sections on the forum for different models of phone, why not add a section on customer service so that we can exchange our views about the service in different countries? This could help HMD learn where they can improve customer service most.

Cheers :)


Hi  madbilly, 

Thanks for the input (I saw your other threads as well). Sounds like a good idea. We’re working on a quite new update/solution for the forum. I don’t know if it makes sense to create this section immediately but I will consider it as soon as the new update is here or create it when I hear the update won't happen as soon as I want it to happen :) 

Best regards, 


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Hi Laura,

I hope that the update happens as you want it to happen then!

Cheers :)

From India, bangalore 2months back i had purchased Nokia note 5 and i had hardly used that phone for one week since after that phone is getting heated up it hangs alot. The worst part here is i have purchased in sangeetha showroom which is located in uttrahalli, they finally told they provide nly service and we have to contact Nokia showroom people which is located at jaynagar 9th block.. manager who works there is very irresponsible and treats customer as shit and also people working over there as no ID card. 4 times we have visited that showroom they are not at all responding us properly And yesterday the manager who works there with high attitude is treating customers as shit.. because of those people Im sure Nokia will lose there customers.. i have photocopy that fellow has removed phone completely and asked us to come after 2hrs. After we went he is saying nothing can be done if problem arises again u have to come visit the service center not us.. we have tried in all the ways n completely fedup with Nokia.. This is my last try im requesting you to take action as soon as possible.. orelse i have to go for consumer court and file complaint against Nokia. I have proof for visiting the branch for 4-5 times also the he has removed my phone entirely even that click i have.. also i have jobsheet which they have given twice... Take action immediately Thank YOU Waiting for the reply

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That is a frustrating story. It sounds like the points-of-sale aren't given clear instructions by HMD or there are some which are choosing to be deliberately misleading and unhelpful. I hope that HMD audits their points of sale to confirm they're meeting high standards of customer service and correctly following processes for warranties, repairs etc.

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