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June Security Update is here

So the June Security update just landed (at least for TA-1043). The build number is 2.22E for my variant. Let's report what's gotten better/what's worse? For me, the 4G is definitely connecting more consistently, but the camera still hangs, both in the main app and in third party apps.

Did they add gestures for navigation?

Here also available (TA-1043), I'm afraid to continue..... Everything is working perfect (xmt Bluetooth connection sometimes) 

I received it as well. TA-1050

Took the stap and update-ted. See no difference, works like it should. Unreliable Bluetooth connection (signal strength) not yet tested

 The phone does feel snappier, but lets see how true that is in the next week

Got June SP here TA-1089 today

Indeed, feels snappier. But now, when opening my parking app, an error pops up saying that the GPS is not accurate. But it seems to work. 

I don't really feel much of a difference but it does seem to be stable.
TA-1045, no update yet! :(
Update.. When I checked for updates this morning, the June update was there and downloaded and installed. Took a long time considering how small it seems to be. I've not used the phone much since the update finished but so far I can't tell any difference!
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