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RECIEVED UPDATE 2.22E TA 1043 Nokia 6.1

The update first says may security update but I also ended up recieving June 1st 2018 patch and the MR update ,,it's firstly for the last 9 hours have had excellent battery life like 55% and am using WiFi on plus two hours of gaming and now I have 19 hours of battery left previous battery life on Nokia 6.1 succked ,,but so far fon is snappy and the new update so far so good ..dual 4G LTE volte works ,,only missing is NFC symbol on the notification panel that it's on Nokia 6 first generation u would see the N symbol for NFC ,,,please fix that and also camera is better ,,no reboots gps seems to optimize battery ...and AR core supported apps works more without lags those are my 9 hours of testing the latest MR update + patch for Nokia 6.1 update 2.22E ....leave a feedback good work hmd global ...

The update is available in close to 12 countries now ,,,6 being African countries ,,S.A,,Kenya ,Tz ,Egypt, Ghana, Ethiopia ,,,and some shengen countries ,,,version 2.22E for Nokia 6.1 ,,post Ur experiences so far for me it's been good ....

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So, and now a public apologize to Laura for your previous posts?

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Available in India, too. Ta-1089 I don't think a apology is due, we're recieving the update less than a week before the end of June, not what we signed up for and she said the update is out long back, didn't reply to the 100s posts asking about it and only now are we recieving it. They should be apologizing for the inconvenience and the delayed update.

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An apology for the strong language he used, maybe, but definitely not for asking them to roll out an update as they should've.

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That's what I meant. Not for the technical aspects, just the 'human' part.

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@Max H ...yes I apologize to @laura koz she didn't deserve the roughed up language ,,my apologies @moderator Laura ,,,and moving forward I'll be cautious of my posts ,although hmd too be apt on your facts and service delivery ,,and everyone I offended by my posts ..sorry guys ,,just keep up the spirit for criticisms in a sane language towards hmd they tend to be better when u give feedback of bad user experience

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Thx Auki. Appreciate it.

 Installing V2.22E TA-1043

Better late and get software right, than make some update-hungry users happy and break it.


The new update fixed my issues with connecting to WiFi. So it's a good update . Worth the wait. Phone feels smoother, and I'll say it as well , snappier.
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