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Can we have Nokia 6.1 Android 9.0 Beta Program?

Hi at hmd beta labs and Nokia beta labs please give closed beta update for Nokia 6.1 android 9.0 let's start giving feedback and user experience it will offload your work when u eventually decide to roll out android 9.0 imagine how much time u will save when the three Nokia 2nd generation fons have already been perfecting the android 9.0 update I know Google kind of deals you a hand on when you will get the stable version for roll out but if you can implement it why not let us start beta testing you sign up for it just to give feedback so no rants koz you already know what Ur signing up for which is aimed at providing feedback...

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Then you need 2 phones. One reliable for daily use and one 6.1 with the bèta.

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I agree with you Max.Im coming from a Windows Phone ,and used to be on the Insider Program. Some months the updates were stable , some months buggy with certain things not working. But that is how it goes .If you join the Beta lab program you might need another phone just incase your main phone becomes unusable.Till it gets fixed in a new update .Or another way to do it is have different versions of beta programs , like Windows Phone had. A Fast ,Slow and Preview . Then you decide which part you'd like to join and test. I always took the Preview. New features and improvements before it was released officially. And it was stable . Very little bugs , if any at all.

That should work if it was easy to roll back to a more stable version. That's not the case with android for the average user.

True, I remember how easy it was to roll back on my previous Windows Phones
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