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How to "hard reset" Nokia 8110 4G

Are the steps how to hard reset the Nokia 8110 4G similar as shown under "Is the FAQ/How do I hard reset my smartphone and completely restore it to the original factory settings? by Moderator Anna" or are they different since the Nokia 8110 4G is not a smartphone but a feature phone?

Under "Settings", "Device" and "Device Info" there is a "Reset Phone" option. Is that what you are looking for, or some 'magic-key-combo' like the good old days?

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 I was hoping for the 'magic-key-combo' like the good old days because I saw on YouTube, that could be done on the Jio Phone.

There is a combo described here

but of course this requires the device to be functional enough to go to phone number entry.

Tried this:

1) Remove battery

2) Hold scroll, and keep it pressed

3) Insert battery

4) Press power (long)

(and release scroll)

A menu appears, navigate with arrows up/down, use power key to select. :)

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Tried to answer, but it disappeared, here a shorter version:

Hold the Scroll key while inserting the battery, and press Power to turn on. A menu appears, navigate with up&down, use Power (not scroll) to select item.

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