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Missing dollby enhancement

Why dont i have any dollby EnhancEmemt option in my sound settings i dont get it when other users mentioned to have it.. I was watching a video of an indian tech guy and suddenly i found that 1/2 gesture options are missing as well.. Well i wonder what cud i have done with my goggle play music equalizer so it just disappered long time ago.. I have some other issues and i mentioned those somewhere else on this forum..just received june update 2 hours ago and these are still missing and probs are there where they were..the update mentioned some important phn issue fixes bt that didnt come true as well.. It said to add anbextra setting and can anyone show me where that setting took place caz i didnt find it anywhere in settings window..dont wanna get more depressed with my long awaited beloved phone..i wish dear mods will not only reply but also come with the fixes in their reply.. Thanks

No one has Dolby Enhancement. I think the gestures aren't being added as being requested because Android P has a major feature with the on screen nav bars. I have my Equalizer in Play Music, maybe you're overlooking it somehow.

I think you might have watched an Indian review of the Chinese version of this phone. That version has the features mentioned by you.

Thanks kishore for u to notice over here.. :)
Plz help me some more.. I was having a a bokeh option in my camera.. Later its being replaced by the option panorama..i dont get the bokeh option anymore while i dnt need this pan thing.. How can i get it back? Nd i found the equalizer option..i was overlooking somehow..
Bokeh is not available for the rear camera. Switch to the front camera there you can find the bokeh mode.
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