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Nokia 5 5GHz Wi-Fi Problem

Hi, I have a Nokia 5 (Dual Sim, 2 GB Ram). The problem is i am unable to find my own 5 GHz connection, it doesn't show up. My router is Tp-Link Archer c50 v3(EU). Which has only four 5 GHz channel (36, 40, 44,48). I used Nokia 5's Wi-Fi tether to connect another mobile with it and installed an app called WIFI analyzer on the other mobile and found out that its connecting via channels like 157, 159, 161 but my router don't have those channels. But i saw a video on Youtube where someone is having trouble to get connect with 5 GHz though the SSID is visible then he changed 5 GHz channel to 36 on the router and got connected. Then where is the problem with my mobile! Does any one have any kind of clue or solution?

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