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The best way to get immediate feedback from Nokia is "Chat"

From my experience in trying to obtain further information on the Nokia 8110 4G, I realize anything to do with the OS, it is best to ask KaiOS Technologies at their website, Facebook or Twitter site and they have been fairly responsive. However, anything to do with a particular app, they ask me to refer to the particular App developer though getting an answer is another question but anything to do with the handphone it is best to chat with Nokia at However, they may not give the answers one seeks. For example when I asked them over their chat line a technical question regarding the handphone they tried to avoid it. Then I told them that i was advised by KaiOS Technologies to specifically ask Nokia as it concerns their hardware. They acknowledged but could not answer nor referred me to a technician then instead asked me to refer to the Nokia vendor. So when I asked a Nokia vendor that technical question they were puzzled why Nokia could not answer but would do their best to pose that question during a training session before any Nokia product gets sold. Well, that's my experience.

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