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Extreme lens flare. Something broken again?

Hello, does anyone else have this extreme lens flare? It's always been there, not just since camera update. But now I decided to finally investigate a bit more. Dual and colour pictures look horrible! Monochrome sensor shows what is supposed to look like. I attach a collage to show all three next to each other. Is this just the next thing that is broken in this phone?

Mmhhhh how do I upload pictures here? Wasn't there an option?

Had to go into desktop mode. Here is the picture collage.


Really? You all have this? Is this normal?

Shooting towards the sun will nearly always produce lens flair, this is why DSLR lenses generally come with lens hoods.

Thanks but do your pictures look like this as well? Also, the monochrome picture doesn't show any flares at all and it's the same situation. See why I'm confused? Furthermore I've never used lens hoods on my cameras. Never had _this_ amount of flaring.

Yeah i get lens flare shooting towards the sun, the difference between the monochrome sensor and the colour one could be down to the amount elements used in the lens or even the coatings on the lens can make a difference. The monochrome sensor will not require as many coatings etc because it will not suffer from chromatic aberrations.

 Out of interest have you looked at the lens' while gently shaking the phone just to see if anything is loose?

Thanks again. Yes I now have checked whether anything is loose. But no, all is fixed. This is really really bad. As soon as there is a light source in the picture, it is unusable and... well, trash basically... I cannot believe this is normal. I probably have to accept that this phone is simply unusable for many pictures. I have never owned anything camera-wise that is even remotely that bad. This is such a disappointment...

 Can you post a photo with the sun in front of you but without the trees? The trees aren't helping because they are effectively giving you many light sources to deal with.

I'm sorry, I tried posting pictures but my posts don't get published unfortunately. I don't know why. I might keep trying.


This is a little collage of three pictures. If I try the front camera or the monochrome only the pictures are "normal".


Weird, in them photos it looks like the lens is dirty/greasy rather than lens flair mate.

The dark shot with the pool doest look like lens flair though, that looks like blooming due to the high ISO used.

Even I face this lens flare. Wherever there is light source i couldn't get a good pic
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