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slow motion videos

while recording slow motion videos, the exposure level is too low,in low light condition u can't record slow motion video because nothing can be seen

Tech Wizard

It's about the frame rate and the sensitivity (ISO) of the camera.

Slow motion video is recorded at 120 pictures per second, so there is less than 1/120 second to expose each frame in the video, where a normal picture takes maybe 1/20 second in low light = maximum 20 frames per second.
If there is not enough light the camera try do its best.

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Thanks. How do you know Nokia 8 can record at 120 FPS? Only info I can find talks about 60 fps. The chat "support" was clueless as always when I asked them and they even thought it would be 30 fps only. (That was a few months back.)

60fps isn't slow motion but if you record a slow motion video and play it back in something like MPC-HC you can look at the file properties and it is 120fps :)

But guyz as I open the google photos and select the information about my slow motion video which I recorded it's just recording video on 1 megapixel quality .....This is pathetic I mean they must increase the quality to 5 mp atleast

That's because 1 megapixels, well 921,600 pixels to be exact is 720p which is the resolution of slow motion videos on the Nokia 8.

Even 1080p is only 2.1 megapixels so your wish for 5MP at 120fps is not going to happen, the Snadragon 835 simply doesn't have the grunt.

Thank you Mr belter. I used media info and it shows only 30 fps. VLC for Android doesn't show any fps at all. I might have to use my laptop then. And userxxx, yes, 720p seems to be the only resolution. "5mp at least" as you call it would be extremely (!) high. That's almost half 4k video with high fps. Good look finding _any_ camera for that. Please be reasonable. Resolution going down for higher frame rate is normal. It's called physics.

I don't think there's a single smartphone currently on the market capturing slow-motion video with 5 megapixel frame resolution. Looking at the phones on the high end of camera spectrum, Galaxy S9 supports at best 1920x1080 at fps (so 2 megapixel) of continuous video (I'm ignoring the gimmicky 0,2s 960fps mode with lower resolution) and iPhone X and 8 seem to have the same constraints. 

As for increasing the resolution, assuming what's been said on several web sites is correct and the sensor Nokia 8 uses is IMX258, then 1080x720 at 120 fps is the best the hardware supports as far as slow motion video is concerned. 

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I did leave a better explanation but sadly the post never showed up as it seems random posts require moderation so will no doubt appear much, much later and seem very much out of context, sorry about that.

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