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6710 - wifi working but not to cloud?


I have a 6710.. will connect to wifi in my house no problem

Will not connect to wifi in local Wetherspoons which uses a 'cloud' connection.

There is nothing wrong at the 'Spoons end as netbook connects without problem, as do other fones.

Can anyone help me out with this... I'm fine with PCs but fones leave me baffled..




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Tech Wizard

Hi Marc,

Legacy Nokia Symbian phones all suffer from outdated root certificates, that stops the phone connecting to secure websites, secure mail servers etc.
This is probably why it fails connecting, but only a wild guess since I'm not familiar with S60 devices (my Nokia N8-00 runs Symbian ^3).
You probably also need to install a Network Improvement.sis update.

Please refer to the post by Abi99 (2) in Microsoft Answers:

The official support for Nokia 6710 ended years ago, but there is still a few skilled users in Microsoft Answers, and the comprehensive archive of posts transferred from the original Nokia Discussions forum.
Be aware the old replies (2009-2014) in the forum are often obsolete, but please search before asking:

I hope you get it sorted out.


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