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Spare parts

Hello, I bought a Nokia 8 Sirocco 3 weeks ago. I directly out the protection on it. Unfortunately i let phone down and it broke directly. I dropped it from 40cm height with the protection but it broke anyway. First from quality point of view, it not very strong phone. After some days I went to my seller. They told that screen spare parts are not available yet. Then I chated with Nokia and they confirmed me that I should go back to my seller and spare parts are already available. I did it and they confirmed again that the repair is not possible yet because of missing spare parts. Can anybody help me and tell me where i can get a screen remplacement ? Many thanks for your help. Best regards Tahiri Isa

I got exactly the same problem! Phone itself is great, except the glass screen!
I have broken screen too anybody found out of u can get it yet ?

What is the problem with Nokia. I broke mine screen in may. Phone was in Service 1 month. They sayed that there is no spare parts and can't fix it. So they didn't touch the phone. I have been chattin with Nokia customer support for one month. All they do is squirm and it is impossible to get answer what to do. Last they claimed that Service has sayed that phone has got liqued inside so that they can not repair it. I did send Service report to them which says that return to the customer without operation. Service Company have send same report to Nokia. After they get cought from a lie they changed person to chat with. New one didnt help at all. Just was very sory, but can't help. Finally I only wanted to know if there is possible to know if there is screens comin sometime in the future. But no answer. Poor customer Service!

I am not satisfied with the service of customer care. recently my Nokia moble has an issue of water damage.When I goto the service center then they told me to reach on other service center and give me an example of Samsung Service Center Dubai. They told me that I can easily repair your mobile just like Samsung Service Center. But did not even try to tell me the problem. 

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