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Implementing more hardware to Nokia

As earlier Nokia was the global leader in mobile marketing and selling business. After the downfall it has stood up with a great aim in regaining its global market share in mobile platform.

I live in India, and the people in here have a great nostalgic memories of Nokia being the first brand to implement a smartphone. Believe me still they have the trust with the company that they had before.

Currently speaking of newly introduced smartphones; Nokia X6 - It's a great smartphone but later reviews from the experts say that it has the best build quality introduced by nokia so far, which they earlier did do.

So the only problem with not gaining popularity in the Indian market is that it's not in the budget segment.

Budget here means merely 15000-16000 Indian Rupee, if they could launch at this price segment then believe me-Xiaomi, Lenovo, ASUS and even Samsung at budget segment will be dead forvever.  

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