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Battery Drain on DP3?

Hey there, 

Anyone else here experiencing Battery Drain on DP3?
My Phone lasts less than 10 hours now, used to be 27+ Hours

However I didn't factory reset the phone before installing it, so I might try that next.

It's in the Google release notes: "Battery life may be regressed in this release for screen-on and screen-off use cases."

I think my installation is just shot, WiFi doesn't work either.

Will factory reset and try again

Problem with battery drain and warm phone is that app/service com.evenwell.powersaving.g3 eat cpu with 150% (show it from pc with connected phone (and enabled Developer Options and USB Debug) via command "adb top", for fixing is need clear powersaving database using: adb shell pm clear com.evenwell.powersaving.g3 after clear, don't try change settings in "Background activity manager"(Settings/Battery/BackgroundActivityManager), keep all switch as is (disabled)... i don't know if problem is with one or some of p-non-compatible apps, or if problem is related to "misunderstanding" BagroundActivityManger with BatteryManager

The battery drain problem. I usedto have 24 hourplus battery time. But then I look at the battery option in Settings and tried the two options there. To get back to 24 hours switch off Background Activity Manager and Battery Manager.

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