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Video stabilization

Hello, Hopefully I am not the only one seeing this as an issue but the video stabilization should have a disable option. The problem with this is that it crops (or zooms in, I am not sure) the image, in other words the angle of view for video is always smaller than the one for photo mode. I agree it is a great feature for filming while moving, but sometimes (always in my case so far) you want to take a steady capture without cropping the actual image the camera could see from a particular spot. What do you guys think about this? I want to know if I'm the only one bothered by this.

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Tech Wizard

I hope the electronic stabilization in the camera update is a programming mistake, and hope it will be corrected soon.
Nokia 8 has optical stabilization and I believe EIS is the root cause of some of the other issues I have since the update.

Please browse the thread at the top of the Nokia 8 forum:
Camera Pro Update - Your experience


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As a work around shoot 4k to use OIS only until a fix is issued.

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