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What happen to TA-1062 with 00CN if I flash it with Android P binary

Hi. Guys.

I have a Nokia 7 plus, TA-1062 and the build number is start with "00CN".
I want to upgrade the phone to Android P Preview.
As you know, Nokia says don't upgrade to Android P Preview Beta if the build number is start with "00CN".

   "If Build Number is “00CN”, then you should not download the build.
   This is a China build with specific requirements that are not currently supported."
But I just want to test some Andoid P features.
I registered to Nokia registration page with my IMEI and got the Android P Preview Beta binary which is
I guess it's for the 00WW version.
Even though I was able to download to my PC, I didn't try to flash this binay to my phone yet.

Can anybody tell me what is going to happen to the TA-1062 with 00CN if I try to ugrade with the 00WW binary. 
Have you guys ever tried this ?
If Nokia guys ( Laura? ) read this question, can you give me the answer?
Can my phone be brick or can I just get only a few light problem in some chinese build features?
What kind of problem am I going to get?

Thank you.

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Well nothing will happen.i tried
Hi, I just flashed 6GB version of TA-1062 and after installation it hangs on Nokia logo, but after data cleaning in recovery it boots and is working
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