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Some issues

Nokia7Plus facing hardware or software and Hardware Issue We purchased 3 units of Nokia 7 Plus and three of them have 4 issues/problems COMMON! 1) Yellowish tint screen if we deeply view it's lower portion of the screen i.e above from navigation buttons (home,back button). 2) Pixels distorted and disturbing text while playing videos on fb whatsapp instagram and other social media plus not playing videos above 180p! 3) The BOKEH mode showing 'TOO DARK' and 'TOO CLOSE OBJECT' while trying to take bokeh mode!" 4) Screen flickering problem, try to focus on white background you may feel! Do response to us!

I am facing the same Facebook and Instagram issues. The sound quality through the headphone jack is also coming to be pretty average. Please tell, are you facing the same issue?
That screen flickering problem is there.
Apart from screen brightness shift none of the issues I am facing running on June security patch
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