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nokia 7 plus

i have aproblem my phone is nokia 7plus i want update to android p beta .. and i download but not whole because the internet is bad and trying to updates another one the website say "IMEI already to use " what the solution to this problem please

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It's saying IMEI already in use because you're trying to register again . If you already registered just sign in using your Gmail and password but I have to warn you the android P beta is not at all stable in last update our phone even stopped working I suggest you wait until the official release via ota. Also pause and download doesn't work. Wait until the official release or you might brick your phone. My phone already stopped working once
If you read the articles from the topic current issue list you can see that many people rolled backed to Oreo because of heavy battery drain

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ok .. when arrived the official android p
I don't understand what you are asking but if you're asking when will android official android P arrive it's expected to arrive on August
My Nokia 2 Oreo update please accept your Nokia 2
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