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TA-1050 still waiting on June update

When can we expect the June update in the UK ? July maybe? Keep this up and we will be getting the September update for Christmas... Aren't you in breach of the terms of service for the AndroidOne program?

Speedy response from the support team as always.
Well still no update and there's only one hour left in the month... Congrats Nokia you are now as reliable as Lenovo/Motorola 

As you can read in other threads in this forum, specially in the UK, some providers are the problem for delay. 

My phone was bought sim-free so that is not an issue.

I'm not talking about sim free or locked. I'm just rephrasing what I've learned reading this forum the last few months. Nothing more, nothing less.

When I spoke to support, they said there was a delay getting the firmware out for this variant.

Makes you wonder how different the same phone can really be

Stupid isn't it? Surely it would have made more sense to release 2 or 3 variants with the difference being memory configuration as opposed to god knows how many variants based on regions, causing more issues and fragmenting the OS releases, you know, kind of what AndroidOne was designed to reduce. SMH 藍
C'mon Laura, you spent time 13 hours ago slapping my wrists for swearing yet you seem to have ignored my query here!
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