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Battery draining

I am using nokia7 plus for 10 days my battery is draining heavily it doesn't stand for an one day

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Yes...there are serious battery drain issues.i left the fone overnight at 100% charge with mobile data and WiFi switched off.all background apps cleared.morning it had dropped to 94%.fone was not even touched.this kind of drain doesn't even happen in my 3 yr old mi should seriously fix this issue.

there is no such issue faced by me.. overnight my battery drain is just 2 to 3 %.. In Battery setting, I have done background blacklisting to almost all apps except 3 to 4 apps like FB, Twitter, Whats app etc which notification i need.. you should check which app is actually draining the batter and force stop it.. 

for example, Jio Music, My Jio, utorrent etc are not optimized and drains battery .. u have to force close if you have not enabled blacklisting...

I too have serious battery drain issues. Right now my phone is at 81% charge but it shows only 8 hours 35 minutes standby. Iam pretty sure this is not normal as 'nokia 7 plus boasts a 2 day battery life' please suggest a fix
The remaining standby time the phone's battery section shows when at 80 percent or above is buggy. Don't go by that line. Once, the battery level goes under 80 or 75, it will show real standby time.
I also faced fast battery drain issue after June security patch update. The issue must be fixed in next update on priority basis.
I'm on DP4, my device standby battery drain is high.. I used to get 6.5-7hrs of SoT when I was on Oreo but now it's about 4.5hrs. Should I report this somewhere else?
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