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Video call

Now Nokia has closed video calling feature. Now we can't make a video call in nokia devices. If we have to make a video call we will have to use third part app. Very sad. Nokia please open the feature again.

I'm guessing this is for an old Nokia phone, not one of the current ones? If that's correct, you will need to contact Microsoft, as they own the old Nokia phones business. This Nokia is a new company (HMD), which has no control over the old one.

Tech Wizard

Maybe Devesh is about 3G video calling (3G-324M protocol)?
It is still used in some countries and is still available in some Android phones from other manufacturers. It is not an option in pure Android phones.

3G features has become less relevant since most phone manufacturers and network operators now focus on LTE development.


No....I am using Jio 4G...... before some time video calling was working fine......but now it is nit working In India....i contacted customer support....they informed that Video calling feature has been closed

Tech Wizard

Hi again Devesh,

As far as I can figure out, video calling in Jio's network requires the JioChat: HD Video Call app from Reliance - and it only works when other users have the same app installed.
I'm in Denmark and don't know how it worked previously.

You may get better answers if you post the question in the forum section for the specific Nokia phone. If it's a popular phone model in India, then there is also a good chance others are facing the same issue.

There is nothing the forum can do to help when a service provider decide to change or discontinue a service.

Best regards,

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What crap Nokia has not closed that feature in other nokia devices like nokia 6 its works fine
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