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Trouble for Earphone jack

Nokia 7 plus phone is awesome but budget is too high than others. It does not matter. I love this phone. But please please listen to me and fix this issue. When i plug in earphone sometime play soomthly but sometime it plays from mobile's speaker where earphone is plugged and one thing when i press earphone's mic button song play and pause even when mobile's speaker is working. Its a big trouble please please fix this issue. Eagerly i want. Thank you

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I have this problem with my unit as well.

I have this problem too it's very disappointing
Is it hardware issue or software, I thinking of taking my phone to the service centre
Had the same issue ,claimed warranty,they gave me a new set,,,,try service center people...
Is it true ? Will they give me new handset for this problem ?
I dont know my handset was in under 7 days replacement they changed it i dont know if they will change or repair yours you need to chk with your vendor...
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