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Not showing rapid charging

After udating june security patch, whenever I charging my phone not showing the rapid charging and also battery draining of very fast. Kindly sought out my problem Thanks

They disabled fast charging when the screen is on (e.g: you are using it) to prevent excessive heat damaging you. If you charge it with the screen turned off and then turn it on you will see for a brief moment that it was quick charging.

As for the battery draining I recommend you check the display brightness cause it's been very bad for me lately, it constantly set it to unnecessarily high values.

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The fast / rapid charging is not available after June update. The mobile takes more than 04 hours to get full charged in idle state (no one touch phone). However fast charging is available only when mobile is powered off, which is useless as we can't switched off mobile for charging. Other brand like LG, Samsung provide fast charging in normal position. Nokia should take this issue on priority basis and fix the same though next update as soon as possible. If it not possible Nokia should remove fast charging from Nokia 7 plus specs.

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Thanks for your kind reply... It will be fix in july update?
I have already informed Nokia through support chat, about fast charging and battery drain issue after June security patch update. You may please also contact Nokia through support chat and raise this issue, so that Nokia take it seriously and fix the problem in next update.
Even I have some issues with the charging.. It is taking more than 2 and half hours time, sometimes more than 3 hours.. That is no more a rapid charging.. It'll be nice if Nokia can do something to fix it.
Rapid charging is not working after June update. My Nokia 7 Plus only charge rapidly in power off position. Rapid charging is not appear on screen during charging. Hence it is definately a software issue. Nokia should fix the problem on priority basis in next software update.
Not checked it thoroughly but i think i saw rapid charging and my nokia charges quite well didnt take 2 hours to charge as some of you are experiencing.Are yoy people using original charger and cable...
Whats ur issue ??! Not showing rapid charging or not rapidly charging?!
The mobile is not showing rapid charging and not charging rapidly. I am using original charger and cable., but my Nokia 7 plus get fully charged in more than 4 hours in idle position ( no one touch phone). However in power off position it get fully charged in 90 to 100 minutes. That means fast charging is working in power off position. I think it is a software issue. I have updated my set on june security patch. Some other users also facing same problem aftet june update.
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