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Feedback - Usability


Yesterday I picked up my new Dual Sim 8110 4G.

I like the look and feel, but have some major concerns about the long time usage.

I am missing the volume keys to adjust the volume during a call.

But the most important issue is the up/down/left/right keypad. It is much too small, and I can tell you that I have very small fingers compared to others. It might fit kids fingers, but not fully grown humans.

Especially the up key is more or less impossible to be used. One reason is that it is very small, but the second point is that the display has a round shape and it gives you no room for your finger to be placed at the up portion of the key.

It's really sad that it was designed much to small with not enough space on the top key.

On my old 8110 this was never an issue.

Hope that probably an updated design will come out somewhere later.

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I totally agree with you the square pad. its way to up. 

I have made a thread for this kinda problems.

If you have anny bugs and suggestion for improving the Nokia 811 4G post it here.

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