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Call Recording

Dear, Nokia Team, I did not found auto call recording option in Nokia 7 plus phone, which is essential for user, please guide me to activate this essential option.

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Tech Wizard

Hello, @user1530350272574 Nokia hasn't provided call recording function to any of their Android Phones. However, you can use third party apps from Play Store if you like. Thank you.
But it's our humble request to Nokia developers to start & update this call recording funtion as third party apps are not reliable for security & other reasons.

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i am nokia 8 user. used many 3rd party applications for sound recorder as well as call recorder no app did not work fine even paid services too

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Thanx Nokia for telling us to download 3rd party Apps and then end up recording a hundred calls per day. You want us to go Mad ? sad. Really sad

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Oppo and many other Phones have this simple button on the Dialler itself, if you need an ongoing call to be recorded simply press the button and here you go.. The Call will get recorded at the right folder.

Sadly , Nokia has decided to move backwards bya  decade. Download a 3rd party App with Ads and not so sure credentials. End up Recording all calls, over a period of time end up with hundreds of files per week. Then sort and die looking for the right file !!

Why is it that a simple Oppo F7 with half the price point and 3 years older version is able to do these simple tasks.

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The reason I bought Nokia is for the Android One experience. This means Nokia will not create any app instead I will be using pure stock Android apps or my selection of 3rd party apps. Problem is Google haven't accommodated call recording in their calling application. We should request Google to add this feature in their app instead of requesting Nokia/HMD Global.
If Nokia place guarantee about credentials of these 3rd party apps then it's ok but the question remain of other mobile companies which had this inbuilt feature of call recording, either they should remove this feature or Nokia should built-in.
We know Nokia is pure android but it's not perfect.... camera is always focus issues it's been 10 months these idiots didn't fix it.... There is no sound recorder with ozo..... Where auto call recorder application not working good on this flagship device Nokia 8
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