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whitelisting only a few select phone numbers


is there an app or phone setting available that will block all outgoing calls except for some manually selected white-listed numbers? Why? Because younger and younger children are using phones now. I just bought my 5-yr old daughter a new Nokia1 phone, and even after "serious discussions" with her about not fiddling around with the dialing pad, I fear that she just might sometime find it amusing to dial any random numbers. Maybe she'd do it out of curiosity, boredom, or any other random reason, but there lies real danger in young children calling and talking to strangers. Therefore, I'd like to block all outgoing calls, except for "Mom" and "Dad" and a few select relatives and trusted friends. I can also imagine that the same feature could and would be useful for elderly or handicapped people struggling with the use of phones.

So my question is: Can this be done with Nokia One settings or by downloading some app that does this? Hopefully this question finds its way in Nokia to the people who design phone features, as this feature is something that I feel should be "de-facto" included in any phone.

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