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Can't receive face unlock feature on my Nokia 7 plus

Hi I m on Android 8.1 and I still can't receive any update about face id

Face unlock feature currently available via smart lock its working for me
But in that you can swipe the screen up and in other countries it's can't required and it's irritating

only variant that has face unlock is the Chinese variant.. none of the global variant has face unlock yet..iirc nokia confirm we will be getting face unlock in next month.. Chinese variant already has face unlock because it does not come under android one program.. so nokia can add as many features as they want and chinese variant will get the features first.. if u saw someone with face unlock in 7 plus then that a chinese variant not global...

Thanks kas but i will hope the face unlock update is coming as soon as possible

yea.. hope so.. here the post about  nokia's confirmation of face unlock coming to 7 plus https://www.xda-developers.com/nokia-7-plus-nokia-6-1-nokia-8-face-unlock/

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