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No address storage for contacts!!

I am REALLY annoyed to find that the most basic feature in CONTACTS has NO address storage available; only email addresses, which I don't want - as it happens.

I've held on to my old Nokia 6101 for over a decade. Now I've been forced to buy another phone because of the closure of the 2G network, and thought I'd stick with Nokia, as it served me well, only to find that the 3310 won't store a street address. I've tried every which way possible. 

And furthermore, it's really annoying that when I try to save the input, I lose the whole lot and have to start again - all because it won't store the street address. You get a message saying something's wrong with the email address, and it just drops the whole input!

Seriously! We need a notes feature. 

I should have bought the Konka flip phone.

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