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Not charging

I got a Nokia 6.1 last month.,but since yesterday it stopped charging. Also I changed the USB c charging cable. It does not charge still. Resolution would be appreciated

I have Nokia 6. Same problem I'm also getting since last month. Sometimes my phone is taking charging sometimes not. But keeping in power. Restarting the phone taking charging

Most common cause of charging problems is dirt/lint in the USB port. Blowing into the port, or using a can of compressed air, usually fixes this problem.

I have a couple of those magnstic USB cables. There is a tiny plug that sits in the usb port all the time. The cable sinply snaps to it to charge due to the magnet. A large number of these type of cables aren't that good. The best style in my opinion is the round style. It makes it charge only, but if you really need data you can simply unplug it. This protects the port from wear and tear, and in particular, dust and other crud. There are plugs for micro-usb, usb-c, and lightning. They all take the same cable. Even better i have a Blitzwolf usb charger that supports all my devices. Most usb chargers will work with most devices, but potentially charge at a slower speed. This charger supports multiple different speed charge modes and standards. I decided to take this route after experiening the exact same thing on two of my older devices over the years.
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