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Nearly 3 weeks since moderators last posted here

Last post I can find by any moderator on this particular board is now 18 days ago! Why no interaction on this board? Are we Nokia's "problem children"? Or can the moderators just not be bothered to help us?

They are responding to a post made over a month ago, there has been no interaction with any posts made over the last month. Nothing positive to add?

click on the link and scroll down, then you'll see a reaction of a moderator 3 day ago.


The topic  might be already two months old but still present and there are other topics too with answers. Further, this is mostly a peer-to-peer forum where users can  exchange experience and opinions. I read the posts and step in if necessary. 

P.S. Watch  your language, I had to delete some posts/ part of the post. There is no reason  to insult people just because they don’t share your opinion. Keep it nice! 

Best regards,


Well Laura have you ever considered how damned frustrating it is to have spent over £200 on a phone that is meant to be an AndroidOne handset and for it not to get the updates it should be getting, then some smarmy person comes along thinking they know better when they proved in the end they know jack.. And then the moderator swans in, rebukes you and still fails to answer the queries made on my other post.. Well? And your Facebook team are pretty clueless btw. They just claim the 6.1 had the June update released on 4th June, seemingly not noticing that my variant, the TA-1050 has still had no update since May!
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