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energy saving

Why on 8.1 does the processor frequency not drop to 300 MHz?

This affects energy conservation.

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Not really, a processor at idle is still a processor at idle regardless of speed, yes a higher speed will consume more energy but it is pretty negligible especially when you are only talking about a few hundred MHz. You certainly aren't going to get a huge increase in standby times by lowering the processor to 300MHz and then i suspect you would get many people moaning about how their Nokia 8 is suddenly stuttering all the time.

Agree to MrBelter and furthermore: are you using an app to show current frequency (which is using the processor at this time)?

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so it was on android 7 and 8


so it became on android 8.1


bad kernel optimization

Slowing the phone down by another 218MHz is going to have just about zero effect on battery life.

My Ryzen 5 at 3.4GHz draws 14.85w idle

My Ryzen 5 at 1.5GHz draws 13.90w idle

A 1900MHz drop in speed saved just under 1watt in power.

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