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Nokia 3 Android Oreo 8.1 update delayed

Nokia 3 Android Oreo 8.1 delayed even after it got 2 security patches on Oreo 8.0, I mean the period of 2 months has passed, but till not any news on Oreo 8.1 for Nokia 3, anyone knows when it will be available??

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Nokia 3 TA-1032 8.0 i.gat a new május , július security update no i did not get it 8.1 yon curious aloutb getting thi?

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Sorry for Május , Június update nó!!!

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We are waiting for moderators reply on this topic...,,,

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HMD never provide dates for the updates. Neither they said that Android 8.1 would be available in July'18, for Nokia 3. You were assuming this by yourself...

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according to nokia, the nokia 3 of 2017 would be an Android one now

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Yes, then we will get Oreo 8.1 even if later
Nokia continue to crap on the UK market with regards to updates in a timely manner, I think the UK should start to crap on Nokia's parade, and Google should remove the Android one project from Nokia, as they sure as hell don't deserve it, I hope bankruptcy is calling you Nokia

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Be calm down dear, u will get it
My stupid little Nokia 3 is still Android 7.1.1 and the customer service people say be patient??? So while Nokia show preference to other countries and regions, UK and other markets should be happy at that ? Thank god I've only got another few months and both my 7plus and 3 are being passed on to someone else, and I'm back to a company that's reliable

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Don't call me dear , and you're no expert so your opinion means naff

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Try VPN update method, many users updated theirs phone successfully in UK with this
I'm not using a VPN method as it's not my problem that Nokia can't be honest and admit they are crap. Why should I have to try and update via a method that shouldn't be required ? Many users in the UK ? So you've done a survey in the UK ?

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Even the phone shop I bought both my phone's from now recommend people stay clear of Nokia because customers aren't happy with them
Are you on EE? They're blocking the updates, there's a thread about it on the EE forum.

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