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Nokia 3 Android Oreo 8.1 update delayed

Nokia 3 Android Oreo 8.1 delayed even after it got 2 security patches on Oreo 8.0, I mean the period of 2 months has passed, but till not any news on Oreo 8.1 for Nokia 3, anyone knows when it will be available??

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Its August and all 5hey say is be patient
Nokia 3.1 getting Oreo 8.1 update in india

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Yes i saw that too! Wonder when Nokia 3 (2017) would get it.... :)

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Nokia Mobile in a reply on Twitter says, Hi, the Android Pie is currently available for the Nokia 3, 5, 6 and 8, roll-out will be phased as usual to secure quality delivery. See Nokia mobile official Twitter page for details
I think soon nokia 3 will also get the update. Maybe by end of this month.

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Maybe, Nokia 3.1 is Android one device so googles directly tests & provides updates for it, & Nokia 3 is a stock android device so it maybe needs to test beta labs & then it will get final version
Not really. I don't think that they would need to test the beta version as they did not performed any test when sending Android 8.1 to Nokia 5 & 6. Nokia 2 on the other hand have beta testing enabled right now because Android 8.1 is going to be the first software upgrade for it so of course they would need to test it first.. ;)

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Maybe, can't say anything perfectly, they can also test softwares internally without beta labs program
The Nokia 3 isn't 100% stock IMO. The FM band wave radio isn't part of the Google stock package. As far as I know.
Nokia 3 is stock, and is even part of the Android One program.
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